Monday till Thursday:
7 pm to 3 am

Friday and Saturday:
8 pm to 5 am

Sunday to Monday:
7 pm to 1 am

"Salzburger Würstelkönigin"
your sausage stand in Salzburg since 1951

Tradition for 65 years


The history of the city of Salzburg shaped the corporate philosophy of the "Salzburger Würstelkönigin".

Responsible for the tradition to maintain this long history and tradition of sausage stands in Salzburg we are committed to maintain the suasge stand life over several generations.For meanwhile 65 years we already live these values and try every day to offer our guests the typical "Würstelstand" culture. Thanks to our many decades of regular guests, we can call ourselves one of the most well-known sausage stand in the city Salzburg.

Come and visit us!


The following points and their adherence are an absolute must for us:


  • Freshness, quality and durability of our products are strictly controlled.

  • Friendliness and a constant contact to our guests are maintained.

  • Highest cleaning and hygenic standards during the preparation of our food and in our sales room are an absolute must.


We will pursue this corporate philosophy to continue our traditional sausage stand.

"Salzburger Würstelkönigin"

Sausage stand at the "Hansuchplatz" in Salzburg



Since 1971 we have been shaping the image and nightlife of Salzburg city. Whether for a snack in between or a cozy chat over a beer - many anecdotes have been exchanged here over the years. Visit us and experience the Austrian sausage stand culture and tradition!


We offer you a huge variety of sausages, made with products and ingredients exclusively from Austria and they are gluten- and lactose-free. More information to our different sausages and their ingredients you can find under specialties.


We are open the whole year and every day and you can find us directly on the well known "Hanuschplatz" next to "Markatsteg" and the river Salzach - in the middle of Salzburg City.


The "Salzburger Würstelkönigin"
suasage stand in Salzburg is looking forward to your visit!

specialties of the "Salzburger Würstelkönigin"



Opening hours:

Monday to thursday: 7pm - 3am | friday and saturday: 8pm - 5am | sunday to monday: 7pm - 1am

Salzburger Würstelkönigin - sausage stand

Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz, 5020 Salzburg

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